Thinking about RC2016 /01 project.

Last 2 weeks I thought about the coming @retrochallenge RC2016/1 project. How to setup my system. I must make some decision’s about what kind of hardware I am going to choose. I think about a TV-tuner which must be controlled by a micro-controller. Normally I work with 2 kinds of micro-controllers, the Atmel-AVR chip’s or the Propeller-chip from Parallax.

For this project the Propeller-chip is a little bit overkill, so I am thinking more and more about the Arduino-Nano. When I am programming microprocessors of the Atmel-AVR family I use Bascom-AVR. This is a very good BASIC compiler with very good support. Look at the Bascom website for more info.

On this moment I am collectting the hardware for my @retrochallenge RC2016/01 project.

1 1/2 Week before the start of the @retrochallenge RC2016/01.  Let’s have fun.

Retro Game Console.

Sinds long time I collect some TV-computer game’s. We are thinking about the TV-tennis game’s or that old stuff. But a commen point about these system’s is that they have a TV-output signal that is not capabel to connect to a “normal” beamer or monitor. I am thinking about making a device to control different TV-out signal’s, from different game-divices to a signal which is capabel to display on a beamer or (VGA)monitor.


This is a nice challenge for the RC2016/01 competition.