Start of the RC 2016/01

This weekend I start wiyh the RC2016/01. Last 2 weeks I collect the hardware I think I need to build the prodject.

First I find a TV-Tuner. You can find them separated, but they could also find on some PC-TV-card’s like Pinacle or the MIRO TV-reciever card’s.


Next is a Arduino-Nano. This microcontroller I go to use for controlling the TV-Tuner by I2C. Later more about this. Then a 2*16 karakter display with backlight and at last a press/turn-encoder to set the menu-setting’s.

About the TV-Tuner.

First point: I live in Holland, so the old little computers and old game-console’s with are sold the past in our regio work with the PAL TV-standard. So when I search on internet for a TV-Tuner I must take care about it because a lot of TV-Tuners on e-bay are for the NTSC TV-protocol and are not to use for me.

Second point: a lot of TV-Tuners work with the I2C standard. That mean that the control of this tuner can be done with each microcontroller which cab handel I2C and that is each one. AND, the most TV-Tuners works with the same standard. Philips invented the I2C to use this to reduce the signal line’s between differend divices in his television’s. Later they use the I2C protocol for more and more thing’s. So a lot of different brand’s off TV-Tuners use the same I2C protocol and even the same setting’s. That is very nice.

I have buy a  TV-Tuner from -Philips FL1216 MK2- and found a similar device on a Pinnacle PC-TV-tuner card from the brand -Temic Front end 4002 FH5- The last one I keep as spare part and with the first one I go to build my device. The difference between the 2 tuner’s is the powersupply for them. The Temic need a 5 Volt power AND a 32 Volt power, but the Philips need only a 5 Volt power supply. Of course you can make a 32 Volt from a 5 Volt by a step-up converter, but without it, it is more easy to make your prodject.


This is the way I build my system on the print. In the back the TV-Tuner. In the middle the ZIFF-socket for the Arduino-Nano. Left in the front the press/turn-encoder, in the front come’s the LCD and on the right side come’s the connector’s for the Audio and Video-Out.

Now connecting the wire’s and testing the hardware.

4 Week’s to go !!


Author: avretro

I am a member of some section's of a computerclub in Holland, called the Hobby Computer Club or HCC. That section's are the Retro-, AI- and Robotica-section. Writing in Englische is not very easy for me, so don't blame me for it.

One thought on “Start of the RC 2016/01”

  1. Hi Abraham,

    I am also not so well in the English language, but I write English with the help of office word. Just like the Dutch language it will repair and correct the wrong written words. When I do not know the right words, then I ask google translate. I give the Dutch word in a sentence so the right translation pops up.

    Now your site, it is MARVELLOUS! Congratulation’s for it!
    I admire the energy and effort you put in all this, the site, the hobby’s the family and your work.
    And this all in just the same 24 hours I get every day.
    I wish you all the goods for the retro challenge project you working on.
    Of course it will be a success, the same as all your projects.

    Best regards, Dré


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