“Hello RC2016/01”

@Retrochallenge  After building and the control of the hardware I write a couple line’s code to display “RC2016/01” on the LCD.


Next project is the way to make a Menu. How to control on a easy way with one pres-button and one turn-button the program to choose a computer or game-console.

On the background I work also on studie the datasheet’s of the FI1216. How is it realy working. How to choose or find the right setting for an computer or game-console. On this moment I have not found the right solution, but there are some weeks to go.

Let’s GO !!




Author: avretro

I am a member of some section's of a computerclub in Holland, called the Hobby Computer Club or HCC. That section's are the Retro-, AI- and Robotica-section. Writing in Englische is not very easy for me, so don't blame me for it.

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