Study on Video Signals

Last week I bring a visit to a friend of my who have a Textronic 2225 Scoop. I want to study the signals of the composite video so I borrow this scoop. With this scoop it is posssible to look to these signal’s they told me. So I start trying to do this.


First I start with a camcorder with have a composite-video output. I connect it to a monitor and to the scoop.


From the camcorder I get a very nice picture, you see the horizontal line sync, followed by the color-burst and then the line-info. This looks very good, this mean that I can get and read information with this scoop.

After the camcorder I connect the TV-Tuner to the scoop. This picture was a little bit bad.


You can see that the horizontal line sync followed by the color-burst is very bad. When we take a closer look to this we can see it.


When I see this I am not very happy. When I see this I think there are some glitch on the line. The question is what to do to fix it. OR are there are some setting’s in the TV-Tuner with I can make better. I go to read the datasheet of the FL1216 and hope I get some ideas how to get a better picture and program this in the Arduino Nano. Still 1 more dag to go.

Next monday, Yes, after the retrochallenge, I have a meeting with a couple guy’s from a local hackerspace called “B+ Westland” and they visit my place. So during this meeting we can discus about the “problem” I have.

This local Hackerspace have also a website, Dutch only:









Author: avretro

I am a member of some section's of a computerclub in Holland, called the Hobby Computer Club or HCC. That section's are the Retro-, AI- and Robotica-section. Writing in Englische is not very easy for me, so don't blame me for it.

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