Building my own interface.

The Transputer system fascinted me very much. After that moment I have contact with this man about the Transputer system. And later he aquire more Transputer board’s and i could borrow some. But my problem was that I have NO interface between the Transputerboard’s and a PC so I decide to build one by myself.

In the handbook of the CSA ISA to Transputerlink interface, Transputer Education Kit User Guide, I found a schema of the CSA-Transputer interface. This circuit around the IMSC012 would I build. Instand of the IMSC012 I bought the IMSC011 IC’s with could have the same function and even more. Together with some TTL-ic’s the project come to a nice print.

From the Transputer Education Kit User Guide, CSA.

I connect my IO-Print to the Transputer and start testing my interface. With the famouse 24 byte [Who-you-are program ?] i get as answer AA AA 00 00 back. This is a 32 bit Transputer !! It is working.

Next step is the Mandelbro program, but when I want to run this at 60 % of the picture the program stop’s.

Mandelbrot stops around 60 %

Why ???

Each time I start the Mandelbrot I have the same result. Each time !! This point take me a lot of time to find the problem. After a couple week’s a call my friend with the originel CSA-Interface and I could borrow his system to compare this with my selfbuild system. I use the originel CSA IO interface in my IPC system, use the good working program. At the end I start swapping IC’s between the original CSA IO interface and my self build interface. After a lot of debugging and swapping IC’s i found there was aq new 74LS245 withs was wrong ?? At low speed it was working Oke, but at high speed I get a lot of problem’s. Al the 10 new buy pieces were wrong. So i take a look in my storice and found a old 74LS245. Thisa one works very good so I am happy.

ISA-interface testing

Conclusion: even new IC’s could be wrong.

The Transputerboard I use is a Caplan board with 2 T800 Transputers with each 2 Mb memory.

Now I have a selfbuild ISA to Transputer link interface with is working good. Next step is I to understand the propgram’s, how to program and wordt with OCCAM an the Transputer.

As a member of the Dutch Hobby Computer Club, the section Retro Computers ( sorry, dutch only) I visit almost there meeting’s. Last meeting at 27 September 2017 we talk a lot about the Transputer systems. We planned to go to work with 4 people at the Transputer system’s. Talking, thinking, study, programming and working. So I am not alone.

Author: avretro

I am a member of some section's of a computerclub in Holland, called the Hobby Computer Club or HCC. That section's are the Retro-, AI- and Robotica-section. Writing in Englische is not very easy for me, so don't blame me for it.

2 thoughts on “Building my own interface.”

  1. Great article

    Would you be able to rescan the schematic from Transputer Education Kit User Guide to show the jumper settings down the right hand side?

    Also did you draw up a new schematic for the IMSC011?

    Thanks in advance


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