RetroChallenge 2019/10 –> 2020/04

I have send my Participation of the RC2019/10 to the judge, Michel. My subject is to program and load the Z80 MicroProfessor-1B from a W10 computer/laptop.

The MicroProfessor-1B is a Single Board Computer with a Z80 processor, a hexidecimal keypad and a 6*7segments display. In the 80’s – 90’s It was a great learning system to understand the working of microprocessors and programming. The program you type in on the keypad. The program’s you could store on a casette tape and also restore from an casette tape. Later there where Z80 assembylers so you can type your program on a PC and then send to the MPF-1B. These assembylers works under DOS and send the binaire file by the COM-/printerpoort to the MPF-1B. Nowday these programs are not working and the most computers have no COM-/printerpoort so when we whant to program our MPF-1b we need an other solution.

Let’s program and load our MPF-1B Z80 by a W10 computer/laptop is my goal for the RC2019/10.

The RetroChallenge 2019/10 is moved to next spring. So the next RetroChallenge is in 2020/04.